torsdag, september 10, 2009

Rosehip meal or powder

oven and oven trays
wooden hammer or similar
coffe grinder
mesh sieve

Top and tail rosehips with a small knife.
Scrub your hands.
Clean rosehips in cold water.
Dry gently with tea towel and/or let air dry.
Spread in single layers on oven trays.
Sort by size if you can be bothered.
Dry at around 40ºC (100ºF) with the door ajar.
Hips will be dry in 10-24 hours, depending on size.
Check on them from time to time because rosehips have individual needs.
Let trays change place a couple of times to ensure even conditions.
They are ready when they are hard, wrinkled and a deep, beautiful red.
Discard blackened and dark ones – or pulverize and use for peeling.

Wrap dried rosehips in a tea towel.
Crush with a wooden hammer or suitable heavy object.
If you have a super strong grinder this probably isn’t necessary, but your average coffee grinder can’t grind whole rosehips.
One option is to cut them in half before drying, but I don’t recommend because it takes forever + whole rosehips will store better than halved ones.
Pulverize crushed hips in a coffee grinder or grain mill.
Sift in a mesh sieve to get rid of seed bits.

Store dried, whole rosehips in a cool, dark place.
If dried and stored correctly rosehips will last indefinitely (almost).
Only grind as much meal as you’ll need the next couple of weeks.
Store in tightly closed glass jar.
Keep rosehip meal away from light, heat and oxygen.

How to enjoy
Add to tea (not too hot) or soup for a nutritional boost.
Mix rosehip meal with homemade yoghurt and serve with cloudberry jam.
Make a carotene smoothie with butter, egg yolks, yoghurt, sharon and rosehips.
Use in no knead bread, 1 table spoon per bread. Meal must be soaked or very finely ground.

And why?
Mainly because it’s so much less work than making purée! But also because dried rosehips are unbelievably beautiful. When you see them, you’ll know it is the right thing to do. And because it’s food bordering on medicine. And it’s anti-inflammatory. And because native Americans used rosehips meal in pemmican. And it’s free. And organic. And because the taste of homemade rosehip meal is vastly superior to any of the stuff you can buy.

Beta carotene
Vitamin C

onsdag, september 09, 2009

Rosehip purée

First, shoot your hare.
Top and tail rosehips with a small knife.
Scrub your hands (you’ll know why).
Clean rosehips in cold water.
Dry gently with tea towel and/or let air dry if not cooking immediately.
Store in fridge (1-2 days) or freezer if not cooking immediately.
ALWAYS, ALWAYS top, tail and clean rosehips before freezing, or you’ll end up throwing them away.
In the freezer: store rosehips away from dill if you don’t like dill scented hips

rosehips, no more than 3 liters
100-200 ml sugar per liter raw rosehips (see below)
(½-1 t lemon juice, freshly squeezed)

3 saucepans: one for the hips, one for sterilizing jars, one for the purée
slotted spoon
large wooden spoon
some other spoons
metal sieve
small canning jars (150-350 ml)
canning funnel
enough time

Cover hips with water, bring to a boil.
Let simmer, covered, for 2,5-3 hours depending on size and fleshiness. Rosehips are very individual!
Stir sometimes, they mustn’t burn.
Add more water as necessary.

Place metal sieve over a pan or bowl.
When cooked (soft enough for you to squash them), put a handful of hips in sieve using the slotted spoon.
Press hips with a large wooden spoon or a tablespoon – see what fits your hands best.
The purée will fall into the bowl, or scrape it off.
Put seeds aside – don’t discard.
Let rosehips continue to simmer as you press.

Use a passe vite if you’ve got one. It will still be a lot of work, because you have to keep scraping the seeds out, and this is very time consuming, but it's not as physically straining as pressing through a sieve.

Wash your hands.
Wash jars and lids.
Sterilize jars and lids.
Sterilize canning funnel + spoon.
Bring purée to a boil with sugar (and lemon juice).
Stir, it mustn’t burn,
and make sure the sugar is dissolved.
Drain jars upside down on clean towels.
Pour or ladle purée into piping hot jars.
Fill jars to the top, air encourages mould.
Crush air holes with a small spoon.
Clean jar rim if you make a mess.
Close jars immediately.
Place jars on wood until cold.
Store in a cool, dark place.

Instant seed soup
Mix seed mass with water.
Whisk, bring to a boil.
Let boil gently until the pulp dissolves from the seeds.
Add sugar to taste,
Be generous, the seeds are bitter.
Pour into sieve, press as before if necessary
(sometimes I do this twice).
Serve with whipped cream.

On sugar
Sugar is necessary for taste and as a preservative. I have been using 100 ml sugar per liter raw hips, but I’m thinking of increasing the amount, as I’ve found I’ve been adding some sugar to my teas and soups. Sugar content is a matter of taste, but I would say that 100 ml sugar per liter raw hips is the bare minimum.

As I understand it lemon juice is meant to prevent moulding. But if you're using a lot of sugar I think you can skip the lemon.

How to enjoy and maximize nutritional benefits
Use rosehip purée as a base for soup or tea.

Always serve rosehip soup with whipped cream or some other source of saturated fat from grass fed animals, or you’ll be wasting the carotenoids. Remember that low fat dairy makes humans infertile.

If you feel you are coming down with something, add a little vodka and cream or butter to your daily dose of rosehip tea. This way you can go through the winter without getting a cold even once! It's true, it's been tested on humans.

tirsdag, september 08, 2009

Rosehips 101

Fruits intended for preservation should be gathered in the morning, in dry weather, with the morning sun upon them, if possible; they will then have their fullest flavour, and keep in good condition longer than when gathered at any other time. Until fruit can be used, it should be placed in the dairy, an ice-house, or a refrigerator. In an icehouse it will remain fresh and plump for several days. Fruit gathered in wet or foggy weather will soon be mildewed, and be of no service for preserves.
-Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management

You’ll need
a fine, sunny day
good shoes (you’ll be climbing)
padded bra because THORNS HURT
heavy jeans, ditto
long sleeves
no knit wear!
cup or jug
plastic bags, food grade
small knife
when you’re done: comfrey salve or raw honey is good for healing cuts and scrapes. And you will be cut and scraped.

When to pick
Pick rosehips when they are bright red, hard, shiny and smooth. DO NOT wait until the first frost. The first frost rule is a complete myth, a complete fabrication. Someone must have got rosehips confused with medlars or fruits picked for the seeds. It’s true that frost increases sugar content, so if that’s what you’re after just put them in the freezer. But don’t expect to find good rosehips after the frost.

Rosehips are very individual and they don’t all ripen at the same time. Reconnaissance is key. Note which bushes ripen at what dates so you don’t have to reconnoitre so much next year.

You must heed Mrs Beeton’s advice about the weather. If it rains, don’t bother.

What not to pick
Soft, shriveled, black specked, green striped. Cut them open with your knife to check if they don’t look right. Pulp should be bright orange, clean, very pretty.

I only pick Rosa caninas, the oval ones. Apparently Rosa rugosas, the round ones, are edible too, but they just don’t appeal to me. (For petals I prefer rugosas, but that’s for another season.)

Where to find
I find that the best rosehips grow close to the sea. Anything from at the beach to three kilometers away is good. Seaside hips are generally bigger, brighter and over all healthier and more beautiful than forest hips. I’m not sure if it’s the soil or salty winds, but rosehips and the sea definitely belong together.

Places to look are seaside resorts, along beaches, old cottages, old farms and gardens. Always ask permission before picking someone else’s hips. They will say yes. Because they just don’t have it in them to say no. And because they’ll think that you are Original Eve.

If cottage holders are absent, leave a note for them to mark an X if they'll let you pick their hips. If they haven't found the note, they are probably on holiday in Toscana, and we can assume that you are justified in reaping what they have sowed. Trespassing on wealthy people’s properties is a bit of a treat too, especially on sunny days. Don’t be shy! But don’t be mean, either.

NB: it’s important to know if rosehips have been sprayed with poisons and pesticides. They probably haven't, but only the owners can tell you.

NB: beware that communicating with farmers can be difficult. Farmers are settled people and wary of nomads and wanderers, such as our selves. And you never know what poisons they spray their fields with. And they sure don’t want to tell you. Because they think you are a curious, thieving gypsy.

Do I have to deseed rosehips?
No! That’s insane. Don’t do that, unless you are making marmalade.

Isn’t it too much work?
No! Just make sure you’re not doing it all in one day. And don’t make marmalade.
Day 1: pick and clean. Don’t pick more than six litres per day, because cleaning is quite time consuming. Now rest.
Day 2: (not necessarily the day after) make purée or syrup. Never make purée of more than three liters at a time.

Rosehip purée
Rosehip meal

fredag, september 04, 2009


Tenketanken Fugleunge får en ny medarbeider

Det er ingen motsetning mellom å være en suksessfull og velrespektert akademiker og å ivareta sin femininitet og kvinnelige mystikk, fremholder Trine Lise Taekwondo Froland, som selv lykkes med begge deler.

Det er en glede for meg å kunne annonsere at Tenketanken Fugleunge har fått en ny medarbeider: Trine Lise Taekwondo Froland – Taekwondo blant venner. Taekwondo er kantonesisk og betyr ”Hun som Vet alt og Derfor ikke behøver å Begrunne sine Påstander”.

Mange har vært opptatt av at tankevirksomheten ved vårt velrenommerte senter har ligget brakk i det siste. Det skyldtes blant annet at mannsforskeren D… (som vi her har anonymisert av hensyn til hennes egen sikkerhet pga det skjerpede trussebildet i det militante feminaztiske miljøet) beskyldte oss for å ha tvunget henne til å drikke Lipton Gul Pose-te (NOE SOM ER PUR LØGN! da vi for det meste drikker Peach Canei på kontoret) og lurt henne til å lese de samlede skriftene til søsknene Hans og Unni Rustad. På toppen av det hele sa D… opp sin stilling i Fugleunge og begynte hos vår konkurrent, Tenketanken Twatter!! Og der har du et nymotens forum som vi for vår del overhodet ikke tar seriøst.

Men nå er endelig mannsforskningen på skinner igjen. Trine Taekwondo har solid faglig bakgrunn fra Kristin Clemets Hochschule für Plattitüde, avdeling Hamburg og fra det velrenommerte Norsk Institut for Manns Forskning. Hun vil i tiden fremover arbeide spesielt med å gjenreise mannsidealet, og vi har allerede planlagt en rekke foredrag, kronikker og Kaggebøker som vi skal ryste - ja, RYSTE! - offentligheten og akademia med.

Vi tør love en begivenhetsrik høst for alle som har et hjerte for det tradisjonelle mannsidealet og for de akademisk betonte leserbrev.

onsdag, september 02, 2009

Er du en ekte mann? Ta den OBJEKTIVE testen og finn det ut

Thomas S. Kuhn viste på 1960-tallet hvor lite objektiv mye av forskningen er! I Vitenskapelige revolusjoners strukturer påpeker han at akademias dominerende oppfatninger i realiteten bygger på en rekke ideologiske antagelser!

Nå er tiden overmoden for å ta ett oppgjør med ideologiske antagelser. Tiden er inne for objektivitet, analyse og paradigmeskifte. Som kjent er jeg jo mannsforsker. Derfor har jeg i samarbeid med min eksterne konsulent, "religionshistoriker" og femilogiker Hanne Nabintu Herland, utarbeidet et objektivt vitenskapelig verktøy der vi kan teste om en person er en ekte mann, om han er i overenstemmelse med mannsidealet.

1) Er du villig til å drepe i krig?
2) Beskytter du de nasjonale interesser?
3) Har du en sterk seksualitet?
4)* Verner du kvinner og barn?
5) Er du til å stole på?
6) Er du preget av ærlighet?
7) Er du preget av integritet?
8) Er du preget av hardt, inntektsbringende arbeid?
9) Har du noen fiender?
10) Har du gått i krigen for å drepe dem?

Ja: 1 pistol
Nei: 0 pistoler
Vet ikke, noen ganger, kanskje: 1/8 pistol
500 ekstrapistoler og 1 skalp fra Belgisk Kongo for ja på spm 1) og 10)

*Hvis svaret på spm 4) skulle kollidere med spm 1), 3) og/eller 10) kan du i tråd med den tradisjonelle mannsrollen bare hoppe over spm 4)

0 pistoler: du er ikke en ekte mann, du er tusseladd
1/8 – 1 pistol: ikke du heller, du er ødelagt av slemme feminister med STYGGE UNDERBUKSER
1-499 pistoler: ikke du heller, you need to try harder, altså
500 pistoler eller mer + en skalp fra Belgisk Kongo: du er en ekte mann
1000 pistoler eller mer + to skalper fra Belgisk Kongo: du er jo mannsidealet personifisert. Gratulerer!

Neste gang i serien: er du en ekte kvinne? (Din kone/husholderske/slavinne kan få ta testen selv hvis hun er ferdig med husarbeidet, har lagd middag og tilfredsstilt deg seksuelt.)